DVD Review – “The Assistants” (Spoilers)

“The Assistants” came out in 2009, but was only made available for purchase and on Netflix in early 2011.  (Please skip to the review at the end to avoid spoiler!)

PLOT:  The Assistants was a fun movie about a group of friends who attended film school and ended up in lowly assistant jobs for important people in the movie industry.  After realizing that they really have the power over their boss’s lives, because they couldn’t function without their hard-working assistants, they pull a stint that they think is harmless, but ends up being the push they need to follow their dreams.  The main character, Jack, works for a movie producer, so his friends, unbeknownst to him, put in a review for a fake script, and it gets chosen to go into production.  The problem is, that there is no script. 

SPOILERS:  To save his job, and pursue their dream, the friends set out on a grand adventure, full of fantastic montages, to write a script in three days under the name of a one-time famous writer, Harlin Keys, get approval, and avoid selling out while trying to get all of them involved in its production. 

The bittersweet ending finds Jack named as producer on the project and with his friends not included.  However, after Ben, who wrote the script, gets paid off by Keys, he invests in his friends talent and drive to actually make a movie of their own, although without Jack.

REVIEW:  This movie was fun and all-around well done.  The cast works well together in their roles as old college buddies who are all going through the same ordeal as assistants to a bunch of self-important people in the movie industry.  Tate plays the bubbly and geeky Alex Kramer, who is more gal pal than glam gal.  She is irresistably cute during the entire movie as she uses her expressiveness to bring Alex’s character vividly to life onscreen.  During a very Alex-centered scene, she shows her versitility as an actor by showing Alex’s uncomfortability with being girly one moment, then the Alex’s transformation into the “girly fascade” the next.  It’s great to see Tate in a full-length feature in a prominant role!  This one’s definitely worth picking up.


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