Interview: Hyundai Commercial “Miss Decisive”

West coast interviewer Andy Grigg brings us an exclusive with Tate Hanyok and working on the Hyundai “Miss Decisive” Commercial.  Enjoy!



Interview: Minda (Never) Lerns

Exclusive interview with Ms. Hanyok, the creator and star of the long-anticipated Minda (Never) Lerns webseries.

Watch the first episode, “Buddy Chums” here:  Click!


Interview: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Ms. Hanyok talks about working with Steve Carell and Steve Buscemi on The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. Watch the clip from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno here:  Click!

Interview: Dark Reel

Tate Fans!  This is the first (of hopefully many) mini-interviews about the shows, movies, and other things Tate’s worked on.

Here, Ms. Hanyok tells me about working on “Dark Reel”:

“I had been told by the AD the evening before my shoot day that my call time was going to be around 6 for a night shoot. When you have a night shoot it is best to sleep all day the night before so you can make it through the shooting without passing out. So I did what I always do and stay up all night watching movies etc so I can pass out first thing in the am and wake up right before I have to be on set. I set my alarm and snuggled into bed around 6am that morning only to get a call a few minutes later…”where are you Tate?” “I’m just going to bed. DO you have an exact call time for me tonight?” “Can you get here in 15 minutes?” “Uh I thought this was a night shoot?” “No it’s day- for- night. So what’s your ETA?” “Uh…if there’s no traffic I’ll see you in 20.” Basically the AD who call left out the very important detail for DAY for night. Which means we act like it is night in the scene but it bright as day in the real world. I show up and by the time I was through hair/ makeup – wardrobe – sound- and contracts..a few hours later…It was lunch and still not close to shooting. At that point I had been up for about 30 hours straight and we were just about to begin…In the down time between camera setups I was interviewed for the dvd and I’m certain I came off crazy to them. Or drunk. Funny enough the last scene I shot on that movie it actually was a night shoot and I did have plenty of notice…It just so happend I had shot a comercial that day so I was up at 4 am. Wrapped at 5pm sat in traffic for a few hours to head to the set on the other side of town and began that gig at 8pm though the next morning. Only worked 3 day on that job and was in a state of delusion the entire time. Might have been for the best. It was deliciously odd in all the right ways ;)”